Lara Menzies

Director of Marketing



Lara Menzies is an award-winning marketer known for her transformative contributions to leading entertainment brands such as Disney, Astral, and Merlin Entertainments. Her innovative approaches have had a profound impact on the marketing landscape, reshaping strategies and fostering significant industry advancements.

During her tenure at these influential organizations, Lara spearheaded groundbreaking campaigns, including the successful launch of Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo attraction and the debut of Legoland Toronto. Her visionary leadership and strategic initiatives extended beyond the traditional marketing realm, pioneering modern methodologies and driving impact across diverse industries.

As the Director of Marketing at COMMB, Lara continues to champion innovation, applying her expertise in brand strategy, strategic partnerships, and B2B & B2C marketing to contribute to the collective marketing and measurement efforts within the out-of-home industry. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring the voice of OOH remains at the forefront of media through broad marketing and communications initiatives.